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Square jute rug – Bohemian natural – Beige

Square jute rug – Bohemian natural – Beige

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Jute is known as the "Beige fiber" of carpets. The subtle sheen only appears in the final production process where the rug is lightly burnt. A subtle process because if it goes wrong you will get a pile of ashes. And it would be a shame after the process of manually weaving the rug for hours. A jute rug would lose its charm the moment you start weaving it with machines. A jute rug should be hard and sturdy. Considerate hand weaving ensures each rug looks the same but is not exactly the same. We have many more jute rugs. Oh... and you want to kick it out? Do not do that! Jute is not water resistant.

The Natural collection from loomsale is not only a jute rug with 2.2 kg per square meter and a thickness of at least 8 mm, you get a high-quality, hand-woven natural product at home. And although loomsale is a fan of a bohemian interior, a jute rug also looks fantastic in an industrial, rural or modern interior.

✓ Careful hand weaving
✓ Very high quality
✓ Durable and robust

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