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Deer Red Jacquard Dining Table Mats

Deer Red Jacquard Dining Table Mats

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  1. DECORATE YOUR KITCHEN TABLE: Get this set of four Indoor/Outdoor Table Placemats and decorate your kitchen table. Place a Table Mat in front of every chair and your kitchen table will look like it came straight out of a magazine! The neuter beige sand color of the Cloth Placemats will look great in any kitchen, no matter the colors of the cabinets.

  2. MADE WITH THE BEST MATERIALS: The Dining Table Placemats are made with 100% cotton. They’re very light and soft and they can be washed very easily. Use them daily and they will always look as good as new! Their measurements are 13" x 19", so they have the right size for any table. They’re made to last and to look amazing!

  3. DURABILITY: Minimum 6-7 Years.

  4. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: Each one of the four Table Placemats has a unique beach themed coastal decor nautical design. There is one with a blue star and one with an anchor, both of them in a beautiful navy blue color. The other two designs are white and they are a shell and a sand dollar. The edges of the Placemats have elegant, short fringes.

  5. ECO-FRIENDLY DINNING ESSENTIAL: Having a meal on classy and elegant placemats (cotton) can definitely enhance the dining experience of anyone – made up of 100% cotton, our placemats are totally eco friendly, give you a guilt-free tablescape, and let you do your bit for the environment also lets you be the inspiration for people around.

  6. Care Instructions: Normally Hand Wash and Machine Wash.

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